Health Canada is recalling specific batches of Durex-produced condoms after they failed to pass shelf-life durability tests.

Certain batches of Durex Real Feel Extra Lubricated 10ct condoms and Durex Real Feel 20ct condoms are not expected to meet registered burst pressure specifications close to their expiry dates, Health Canada says.

Durex says no other products are affected by the recall, and only specific batches are affected.

As a result, a consumer-level recall has bene issued for those products with batch numbers 1000443254 (for 10ct condoms) and 1000356816 (for 20ct condoms).

The batch numbers can be found on the bottom of the pack or on the foil wrapping of individual condoms.

Anyone who has purchased the affected products with the specified batch numbers can return them to the store they purchased from or call 1-800-320-9738 for more information.