Good news if you really want to see the Northern Lights tonight, the night sky will be mainly clear over Vancouver Island. There may be a few clouds, but in general, the cold and clear conditions we’ve seen night after night this week will hold.

Geomagnetic activity is expected to ramp up in the next 24 hours meaning areas in southern Canada, a.k.a the Sub-Auroral zone, could see the magical green hues dance across the sky after dark.

To pinpoint exactly when to look up, keep an eye on the magnetic activity through Space Weather Canada.

I’ve got your latest satellite and radar imagery here:

You’ll want to find a dark place away from light pollution. Usually that means heading out of the city, but there are some Dark Sky Urban Star Parks which specifically reduce light at night so that the average person can see the stars. Cattle Point in Oak Bay is one of them.

Good luck! And if you see the Aurora Borealis tonight, send me your pictures. I’d love to feature them on air and online.

Space Weather Canada

24 hour forecast from Space Weather Canada