The investigation of a death inside a Campbell River apartment building has residents worried a possible homicide has taken place.

RCMP haven't released many details about the incident, only classifying it as a sudden death, but witnesses say a man was carried out on a stretcher at Scenic View Manor on Dogwood Street early Thursday night.

Michelle Trudeau lives in the building and says she was about to do laundry when she came across a swarm of first responders.

"I opened my door and the hallway was filled with police, emergency people, and there seemed to be something happening a couple of doors down from me," she said. "There was crime scene tape so I knew that something terrible had happened."

Police then began going door-to-door to gather information for their investigation.

Tenant Donna Jackson and several others say they heard a loud noise in the building Wednesday night and were unsure if it was related to the death.

"I heard a loud bang and I thought somebody upstairs had fallen, but then I didn't hear anybody yelling for help," she said. "My neighbours who live next door had said that it sounded like an explosion going off."

Those who knew the man taken away said the building seems a little emptier now.

"I felt bad because I'd met him quite a few times in the elevator, and very friendly, very nice person," said Trudeau. "I just feel sad."

Mounties are reviewing security footage from the building and continuing their investigation.

They say more information on the incident may be available on Monday.

With a report from CTV Vancouver Island's Gord Kurbis