VICTORIA -- The discovery of a drug more powerful and potent than fentanyl in the Village of Sayward has prompted a stern warning from Mounties.

According to the RCMP, a drug called carfentanil, which is known to be 100-times more toxic than fentanyl, has recently surfaced in the local illicit drug market.

"An amount as small as grain of sand could be fatal," said BC RCMP media relations officer, Cpl. Chris Manseau.

Police say there is essentially no way to safely cut and dilute carfentanil into street drugs.

Investigators also warn that normal overdose reversal methods, like Naloxone , can work on cases involving carfentanil, but warn that several doses may be needed.

Police have not reported any fatal overdoses connected to the discovery in Sayward.

Information on overdose prevention and a listing of overdose prevention sites on Vancouver Island can be found on the Island Health website here

Sayward is a small village on the northeast coast of Vancouver Island. Its population hovers around 300 people.