A rogue cow that’s been on the lam for months has been spotted in a Metchosin driveway, where it wouldn’t moo-ve for a car trying to get by.

The cow escaped from a farm on Happy Valley Road sometime in April, and it’s been so elusive that getting footage of it has been nearly impossible – until now.

A family trying to get out of their long driveway had a little trouble getting by the stubborn 16-month old heifer this weekend, because it wouldn’t let them pass and even followed their vehicle for a short time.

“Sure enough she was in the middle of the driveway coming up toward us, and we kind of honked to see if she would go off the driveway and she just decided she wanted to come toward us,” said Jaime Arden. “We stopped a couple of times to see what she would do and she just kept coming forward and forward, and the last time she started to run right at us.”

Arden said the cow didn’t appear to be aggressive or in dire need of food.

“She definitely wasn’t skinny, so she’s definitely to enough to eat, that’s for sure,” she said.

Arden said the family often gets bears, cougar and deer travelling through the rural property, but this was the first time they’ve seen a cow loitering on the premises.

Ever since it escaped its farm, the cow has been living off the land with no apparent desire to return home.

Local authorities have put out a description – big and black – and are hoping to bring the heifer home soon.