A pair of Pomeranian puppies have been found safe after they were stolen from a Langford home last week.

Eight-week-old puppies Mila and Stripe were taken from Tracy Vandekerkhove's home Tues., Nov. 27, as she tried to get them adopted.

A couple and their friend had come to look at the Pomeranians but bolted with them and gave Vandekerkhove fake names and addresses.

West Shore RCMP launched an investigation and ROAM, a group that tries to reunite owners with missing animals, put out a Facebook post about the theft that was shared more than 1,700 times.

There was added concern because the dogs were too young to be separated from their mother, and Mila was especially fragile because she was born prematurely.

But there's a happy ending to the tale.

On Friday, ROAM announced that "both puppies are home safe tonight."

In the post, the organization said a man bought the Mila for his daughter and later realized he had purchased one of the stolen dogs.

He contacted ROAM, who checked Mila's chip and confirmed she was the stolen puppy, then returned her to Vandekerkhove.

ROAM also says later that day, someone arrived with Stripe and dropped him off safe and sound.

It's unclear who that person was, or whether RCMP have recommended any charges in the theft. CTV News has reached out for more information.