VICTORIA -- A 12-year-old boy is reportedly unhurt after an unprovoked attack in Esquimalt.

Victoria police say the boy was riding his bike to school after 8 a.m. Wednesday when he was grabbed and pulled from his bike by a man he does not know.

The boy told police that another person, believed to be a man, stepped in and pushed the attacker away, telling the boy to get back on his bike and leave the area.

The boy got back on his bike and went directly to school, according to police.

The incident was not reported until later on Wednesday when the boy told his family.

Police say the boy was not able to describe either man and officers are in the area trying to identify other witnesses.

Victoria police want to speak to anyone who may have witnessed the incident near Devonshire and Fairview roads and they hope to speak to the person who intervened to stop the attack.