VICTORIA -- A three-year investigation into the murder of Nanaimo teen Makayla Chang has yielded a major breakthrough.

CTV News has learned that police have recommend a murder charge against Steven Bacon.

Chang was 16 years old when she was last seen alive outside a downtown Nanaimo Tim Horton's restaurant in March 2017.

Investigators found her body two months later and her death was ruled a homicide.

Bacon was 57 years old at the time and has been a person of interest in the case ever since.

He is currently incarcerated on unrelated sexual assault charges in Ontario.

Bacon's lawyer tells CTV News he is anticipating a charge out of B.C. and that he will represent Bacon in the case when it comes up.

Until then, Bacon is in a holding pattern in Ontario.

Mounties in Nanaimo are not commenting on the case.

Police questioned Bacon before Chang’s body was found and twice searched his home.

RCMP say he was a friend of Chang’s who she sometimes stayed with.

In August 2019, police issued a Canada-wide warrant for Bacon, saying he may have information related to Chang's murder.

Bacon is being held in Thunder Bay, ON, on four charges of sexual assault, sexual interference, sexual exploitation and incest – all unrelated to Chang.