VICTORIA -- Victoria police are investigating a residential building and two vehicles were damaged in a single block of Cook Street near Beacon Hill Park.

Between Tuesday and Wednesday, police say that the basement of a multi-unit residential building in the 100-block of Cook Street was flooded.

Someone had allegedly turned on a hose and brought it to a staircase that leads to the building's basement. At the same time, outer drains of the building were clogged with paper, say investigators.

Police are now looking for any witnesses to the incident and are hoping to speak with anyone who may have experienced something similar in the 100-block of Cook Street.

Meanwhile, in the same block, police received reports of two damaged vehicles overnight Tuesday.

Two people from different homes woke up to find that their parked vehicles had their windows smashed in.

One vehicle, that was parked in a driveway, was damaged by a brick. Another vehicle, parked on Cook Street, had its windows smashed in with a large rock. Nothing was stolen from either vehicle, say police.

Anyone with information on any of the incidents is asked to call Victoria police at 250-995-7654, or contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477.