A pipeline explosion and rupture near Prince George will cause fuel prices to spike across the Pacific Northwest in the coming week, according to a gas price analyst.

GasBuddy.com's Dan McTeague issued an alert Wednesday saying the Enbridge natural gas pipeline explosion has affected refineries in Washington state.

He said those refineries use natural gas to power facilities that produce gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, leading to the cost increase.

"The duration of the price impact will depend on the length of time that the pipeline is out of service, but it may be at least one to two weeks," McTeague said.

He's advising drivers to buy only the fuel they need until prices drop to regular levels.

The effect was already being felt on Vancouver Island Wednesday. A few gas stations in the Capital Region bumped prices nearly 15 cents per litre to 153.9.

More than 700,000 FortisBC customers have already been asked to limit their natural gas use, and are warned that their service could be cut at any moment as a result of the blast.