A Saanich park got a celebrity makeover over the weekend, and some on the internet are calling it “the best act of vandalism” they’ve ever seen.

A vandal temporarily turned Rudd Park into Paul Rudd Park with some scotch tape and a photo of the smirking “Ant-Man” star.

The taped-up sign was easily removed by parks staff after it went up over the weekend, but not without gaining viral fame on social media.

A picture of the “Paul Rudd Park” sign was posted in several threads on the popular site Reddit, with headlines like “Someone being awesome in Saanich” and on a U.S. thread, “Paul Rudd Park – Canadian Vandalism.”

“This is the best act of vandalism I’ve ever seen,” one commenter wrote.

“Dude, that is the best picture to use of him too! He looks so modest. That park seems really open and friendly. I would go there,” another said.

Saanich Parks Manager Eva Riccius said staff got a chuckle out of the sign after it was reported by a member of the public, but it had to go.

“It’s a funny gag for a few days, but I do think, especially when you read the history of the park, we want to honour that and put back to its original name,” she said.

It’s reminiscent of a similar act of vandalism that took place at an East Vancouver park in 2013.

An artist replaced the sign for Guelph Park with “Dude Chilling Park.”

That installation was removed by parks staff, but a local petitioned the City of Vancouver to reinstall it permanently – and the park’s name was changed to Dude Chilling.

Rudd Park likely won't become Paul Rudd Park anytime soon.

It was named after Martha Rudd, who settled in Victoria as a single mother of eight children in 1900.

When Rudd died in 1928, she left part of her land to her son, who in turn donated it to the District of Saanich.