Parks Canada has released a video of wolves seen near Tofino that has parks officials warning outdoor enthusiasts to stay safe.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve tweeted Tuesday that it’s Long Beach unit has seen an increase in wolf activity recently.

The park recommends hiking in groups, making noises and watching for signs of wolves like tracks or droppings.

If you see a wolf, don’t run or crouch down. Instead, pick up any small children, back away slowly and maintain eye contact with the animal.

Yell and wave your arms or sticks to make yourself appear bigger, or use a loud device like an air horn to scare off wolves, according to Pacific Rim staff.

If a wolf approaches, throw sticks, stones or pepper spray and fight back if the aggression escalates.

A University of Victoria study released in 2014 found that wolves on B.C. islands are more laid back than their mainland counterparts.

The study, initiated by the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, found that the often pastoral landscapes of islands have created a “mellow” wolf that often digs for clams or hunts for fish on the coastline.

Pacific Rim asks anyone who sees the animals to report them by calling 250-726-3500.