VICTORIA -- Commuters on Vancouver Island may start to see a familiar face on billboards along major highways.

Vancouver Island-born actor and activist Pamela Anderson has partnered with local group RASTA Sanctuary (Rescue And Sanctuary for Threatened Animals) to launch a series of billboards in support of abandoned and abused animals.

The billboards, which discourage the consumption of animal products, will begin appearing on billboards along the Patricia Bay Highway in the Saanich Peninsula, as well as on three electronic displays along Highway 1 near Duncan, B.C.

Each billboard features the message "compassion is always sexy" alongside an image of Anderson and animal that is currently being sheltered by RASTA Sanctuary.

"The message 'Compassion is Always Sexy' compels viewers driving by to consider the way in which we view and love various species of animals in our society…" said the animal sanctuary in a statement Monday.

"We hope that this message will be able to reach a wide audience, and will draw support for the work the sanctuary does as we face new challenges during this unprecedented time of COVID-19," said RASTA.

In November, Anderson lifted a sledgehammer to help RASTA demolish its old barn in preparation for a replacement space, which she helped to fund.

"As a lifelong advocate for animals starting here on Vancouver Island as a little girl, I am honored to support RASTA, a sanctuary that allows threatened animals to live in community and be happy and safe together," said Anderson in a statement.

"I’ve visited many sanctuaries around the world and I was proud to find a sincere sanctuary close to home," she said.

RASTA Sanctuary was founded in Alberta 20 years ago and moved to Chemainus approximately five years ago. It currently cares for 115 abandoned and abused animals on the island.