VICTORIA -- The Juan De Fuca recreation centre is taking action against morning commuters who cut through the centre's parking lot. 

On Tuesday, staff closed the southbound exit from the parking lot onto Old Island Highway to deter drivers from cutting through the lot.

It is a shortcut that allows drivers to avoid the traffic on Ocean Boulevard and turn directly onto Old Island Highway.

Rec centre manager Geoff Welham says the detour puts people at risk.

"Our main concern is safety on our property," said Welham. "There is a daycare and seniors residence and people are flying through the parking lot at excessive speeds."

Staff say they have tried talking to drivers to ask them not to cut through the lot. When many drivers didn’t listen, the rec centre made the decision to close the exit.

Reactions from drivers Tuesday morning were mixed.

Some said they understand the rec centre's concerns but others are upset that the exit is being shut down.

Welham said they will close the exit on Wednesday and Thursday morning from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Periodic closures are expected to follow.

The rec centre says it has no control over traffic on surrounding streets but staff have talked to the West Shore RCMP about the ongoing concerns.