Police confirm they're investigating a possible sighting of B.C. homicide suspects Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky in Ontario – a roughly 24-hour drive from their last known location.

Ontario Provincial Police said they received a tip Wednesday morning about a "suspicious" white car driving through a construction zone on Highway 11 in the small community of Kapuskasing.

Acting Staff Sgt. Shona Camirand told CTV News the witness believed the occupants of the vehicle resembled 19-year-old McLeod and 18-year-old Schmegelsky.

But police also said they've received reports of the two fugitives from across the province, and that the car, which has yet to be located, probably isn't related to the accused killers.

Kapuskasing is about a 2,400-kilometre drive from Gillam, Man., which is the last place authorities have conclusively determined McLeod and Schmegelsky stopped since fleeing B.C. last month.

A burned out vehicle they had been driving was found about 55 kilometres outside town, near the Fox Lake Cree Nation, on July 24.

On Wednesday, police announced they were paring down their search effort in Manitoba after spending more than a week scouring the province for the duo, who come from the Vancouver Island city of Port Alberni.

The RCMP said it followed up on more than 250 tips, and canvassed more than 500 homes and buildings, but could never confirm a single sighting of either suspect.