Thanks to a front porch camera, Steve Schlatter has seen all kinds of wildlife pass by his Sooke home.

But the strangest sighting came Tuesday when a convoy of cows casually sauntered right through his Stonewood Drive neighbourhood.

Schlatter got a notification on his phone that his front entrance camera was picking up motion, and when he checked it, he saw roughly six cows walking down the street and right onto someone's front lawn.

"They just kept coming and then one mooed," he said. "And then he went over to my neighbour's yard, looks like they went into my backyard."

The cows had also been spotted on Driftwood Drive, just one street over.

"Bears, for me, it's no big deal. It's an everyday thing," he said. But cows? "I thought it was a joke. I thought it was a prank."

The cows were eventually rounded up and returned to their home, according to a post from Sooke Coun. Kerrie Reay.

"The gals are back where they are supposed to be," wrote Reay. "Great chuckle for the day!"

For Schlatter – and those who follow him on social media – they got a good laugh out of the "rare" occurrence.

"It was gold," he said.