VICTORIA -- Oak Bay Mayor Kevin Murdoch has taken to social media to try to find a new, locally sourced desk for the Oak Bay municipal hall, which is set to undergo massive renovations.

The mayor says he hopes to find a desk in the community that potentially has “some local history attached,” before he widens his search.

“With the renovations of the municipal hall starting soon, the mayor’s office will have the wall cracks, floor stains, and ‘dusty rose’ textured wallpaper mercifully retired,” wrote Murdoch in the Facebook group, Oak Bay Local.

“The current desk, a 1980’s vintage fake-wood laminate government special, will also be going,” he said. “Before the district goes out and purchases a new desk, I thought that there may be a nice older desk more suitable for the Office of the Mayor. Something substantial, perhaps with some local history attached, something that could stay with the office and be used by mayors for many decades to come.”

The Oak Bay Municipal Hall was first built in 1958. Since then, it has only received minor upgrades, which were completed in 2019.

According to the district, a 2016 building asset management review found that the building had “extensive deficiencies” and that many workstations and furniture pieces had exceeded their life expectancies.

The district says that the review suggested that an entirely new municipal hall be built. However, council has prioritized “other infrastructure and assets” over the past five years.

While a new municipal hall may be built in years to come, critical renovations are being planned for the current building at a cost of approximately $1.5 million to $1.8 million.

Murdoch says that the district has earmarked funds for a new desk to be brought in once renovations are complete.

“If you have such a desk, or know of one that might be available, please let me know,” wrote Murdoch. “My email is A donation would of course be welcome – yay taxpayers – but there is money set aside for a new desk, so a reasonable purchase would also be considered.”

“Thanks in advance, I look forward to seeing what ancient treasures and stories may be brought to light,” he said.