A B.C. woman who assaulted and drowned 14-year-old Reena Virk will take another shot at freedom this week.

Kelly Ellard has spent most of her adult life in jail after she was convicted of killing Virk in 1997 near Victoria’s Craigflower Bridge.

Ellard, who is now 34-years-old, recently gave birth in prison. Officials haven’t confirmed whether the child lives with Ellard in jail.

On Wednesday the notorious killer will seek “temporary escorted absences,” which are typically granted for things like family visits or medical appointments.

“The parole process is typically a progressive one,” criminal defence lawyer, Michael Mulligan, said. “The parole board is expert in managing a person’s release back into the community, as to ensure the person is successful and to ensure the public is safe.”

Ellard will be eligible for day parole in May, but will likely need to successfully complete escorted day trips beforehand.

The 34-year-old’s co-accused, Warren Glowatski, has been out on day parole since 2010.

Ellard was denied supervised release from prison last May after the parole board stated it wanted her to take more responsibility in Virk’s death.

Ellard was 15-years-old when she smashed Virk’s head against a tree and held the teen underwater until she stopped moving.