CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C. -- Several Vancouver Island locations used for an Apple TV+ mini-series have been nominated for an industry award this week.

North Island film commissioner Joan Miller says she was notified of the nomination on Thursday by the production manager of "See," a mini-series starring Jason Momoa that filmed on-location in the area last year.

"I was really thrilled, he called to give me the heads up that it came out as an announcement," Miller says.

She says there was a lot of film and television work that took place in the province last year and the nomination for the "See" series is in a competition involving location professionals working in television, commercials and feature films.

The award is in the category "Outstanding Locations in a Period Television Series" in the 7th annual Location Manager's Guild International Awards.

"To be short-listed with that prestigious group is a real testament to the great work of the production team and also to the locations. I mean, this is about how stunning the locations are," Miller says.

Locations for the series included the Ralph River Campground area of Strathcona Park, as well as the Jordan River Dam area on the South Island.

"BC Hydro was a really good partner for us during this and there was a lot of visual effects that went into the Jordan River Dam, but it was a stunning location for them to film," Miller says.

The film commissioner says she was aware of the buzz the location created for crews working on the production.

"When they were doing the dailies, reports were going back (to the studio), the one feedback we got constantly was, 'Oh you're going to be so pleased, the visuals are stunning,'" Miller says.