A pair of goats in Nanaimo are looking for a fresh start in 2018.

Their current owner, Ken Scoretz, has owned the duo for years but says with his arthritis he just can’t keep up with Oreo and Coco anymore.

He hopes he can find an owner that will take both Nigerian dwarf goats, who have been together since they were babies.

“The most important thing to me is that they get a good home to go to,” said Scoretz.

The island man says the two-year-old goats love walks and they can’t get enough of their favourite snack: Cheerios.

“When we go for walks they stick real close by me and they jump around like frolicking little bunny rabbits,” he added. “As soon as they know we’re coming back to the shed they know they’re going to get a treat so they’re hopping and jumping and kicking in the air.”

Anyone interested in adopting can contact Scoretz at 250-753-7369.