VANCOUVER -- A second outbreak of COVID-19 has been declared at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, Island Health announced Saturday evening.

The health authority said in a news release that two staff members and one patient had tested positive at the facility, which was the site of Vancouver Island's first coronavirus outbreak back in November.

The current outbreak is limited to the east wing of the hospital's fourth floor, Island Health said Saturday.

The first staff member tested positive on Jan. 19, the health authority said, adding that it "immediately implemented precautions, including enhanced cleaning and contact tracing."

The other two cases associated with the current outbreak were detected through broad testing of patients and staff who may have been exposed, Island Health said.

"Until further notice, no new admissions will be allowed to the fourth floor east wing, and staff working on the unit will not work on other units," the health authority said in its release. "In addition, no transfers of patients from the fourth floor, fifth floor or rehab unit out to long-term care, assisted-living or congregate settings will take place."

Island Health said it has tested 63 patients and 58 staff members at the hospital so far, and it plans to continue surveillance testing as a precaution.