Nanaimo Mounties say they are flabbergasted after finding a group of teens carrying what they describe as a "cache of weapons." 

At approximately 3:20 a.m. Wednesday, officers reported seeing a trio of youth on Northfield Road. One of the three appeared to have an object hanging from his waist which piqued the officers' interest enough to approach the children. 

The object turned out to be a baseball bat, which the youth said he had found. The officers said the explanation just didn’t cut it, prompting them to ask the kids to give up any other weapons they may be carrying. 

Police say the boy who had the bat also had a hatchet, a five-inch double-sided knife, a multi-tool and a can of spray paint. The second teen allegedly produced a hammer and a box cutter from his backpack, while the third teen didn’t have any weapons, according to police. 

Officers say the youth claimed they were carrying the items for protection. 

After the boys were given a ride home, the officers gave a brief explanation to their parents. 

“There is no need for anyone to be walking around in our community with these kinds of items as they could easily end up being used against you,” said Nanaimo RCMP spokesperson Const. Gary O'Brien Thursday. 

“Secondly, some of the weapons, namely the hatchet, double-sided knife and hammer could lead to criminal code charges if they are used inappropriately.”

Police say the confiscated weapons will be destroyed.