People living in a Nanaimo neighbourhood are still on edge following a violent home invasion and assault in November, but there may be an unusual new development in the case.

Donnie Biggs and his wife were tied up with belts, attacked and robbed on the morning of Nov. 27 in what RCMP deemed a case of "mistaken identity."

"Someone was coming into the bedroom and I think it was 2:30 or 3:00 in the morning," Biggs said Wednesday. "You wake up and somebody is standing in your bedroom with a mask on, you know it's not good."

Mounties later released a surveillance photos of the men who tied up the couple and struck Biggs in the head with a blunt object.

The terrifying attack inspired Nanaimo businessman Mike Gogo to seek justice for the couple, who are in their 70s.

He offered up a reward of $5,000 for any information leading to an arrest in the case.

That reward may have brought results.

After receiving a tip, CTV News has confirmed someone was rounded up and handed over to police by a member of the public.

The RCMP won't comment or confirm whether the vigilante action is linked to a reported abduction that took place on Dec. 27.

Early that morning, police say a homeowner called 911 after finding a man tied up on his property who appeared to have been assaulted.

That man was taken to hospital, and he said that one of the alleged abductors was stabbed during the incident.

RCMP said 30 minutes after that man arrived in hospital, another man with upper body stab wounds arrived at the emergency ward for treatment.

The stab victim did not cooperate with investigators and was later taken into custody, police said at the time.

Gogo will not confirm whether his was the property where the allegedly abducted man was dropped off.

He does say he's been receiving tips from people appalled by the crime against the seniors.

Whether or not the two incidents are connected, Biggs said the violent crime has left the neighbourhood shaken.

"They’re all concerned and I think that some of them are obviously getting a security system if they haven’t got it, or like us, we had it or weren’t using it right," he said.