VICTORIA -- Nanaimo RCMP are crediting a security guard with helping Mounties take a prolific offender into custody after a foot chase broke out on Wednesday evening.

Police say the incident began around 7:45 p.m. near the Gabriola Island BC Ferries terminal near Front Street.

There, a Mountie recognized a man with a mountain bike walking near the Cameron Island condo building. Police say the officer had “numerous” previous dealings with the man and approached the individual.

Once the officer and man were talking, the Mountie performed a criminal background check and found that the man was Jason Klughart, 28, who was wanted on a warrant for possession of stolen property over $5,000.

At that point, the man abandoned his bike and began running on foot towards Port Place Mall.

Police say the man sprinted through the mall with the officer in tow until a security guard noticed what was happening. The guard then stepped in and helped corner Klughart.

“This provided just enough time for the officer to take control of Klughart and place him under arrest,” Nanaimo RCMP said in a release Thursday.

The officer then searched the man’s belongings and found several pieces of identification that were allegedly stolen from a nearby truck.

Klughart is now facing charges of possession of stolen property and obstruction of justice. He is set to remain in police custody until Oct. 30.