VANCOUVER -- Some people wait a lifetime to find their calling. Others find it early. Very early.

Kashius Weme is just two years old, but he handles his bike with the skill of kids five times his age, flying down dirt tracks and over small jumps at the Steve Smith Memorial Bike Park in Nanaimo almost every day.

"He just skipped training wheels altogether," says his mom Kimeesha See.

See tells CTV News Vancouver Island she knew what she was in for very early in her son's life.

"His first word, after mom and dad, was bike," she says.

Weme, who goes by "Kashi," will turn three in June. He rides both bicycles and motorized dirt bikes, but says he prefers the non-motorized version.


"Cuz," he says.

For those seeking more explanation, Kashi is easy to find on social media.

"He's got over 30,000 followers on TikTok," says See. 

She tells CTV News she couldn't watch when he first started biking.

"My heart would stop every time," she says. "But now, I've gotten used to it."

That's good, because, as her son will happily tell you, he was born to ride.