City of Colwood workers had the unusual task of cleaning up pills that were scattered at the popular Lagoon Beach on Monday.

The city was first notified of the pills around 7 a.m., according to Sandra Russell, manager of communications and engagement for the City of Colwood.

"So this morning one of our residents reported quite a large amount of pills down on the lagoon beach," she said.

The pills were just beyond the lagoon washroom, according to Russell.

"Our parks team was able to go down and clean up all the visible evidence of the pills," she said.

colwood pills

The city says it's not clear what the pills are, or where they may have came from.

Russell says the city has contacted the West Shore Health Unit for advice on how to safely dispose of the pills, and to ask for help in identifying what the pills may have been.

"It's hard to know where they came from, likely a passing ship," she said.

Visitors of the beach are asked to be cautious, especially with children and pets, in case some pills are still in the area.