A mysterious object spotted underwater off the B.C. coast is not a lost bomb believed to have crashed in the area in 1950, naval officials confirm.

Lt. Greg Menzies of Maritime Forces Pacific said divers have completed a probe of the object and while it may be industrial, it is not military in nature.

Menzies confirmed there is no threat to the public.

A commercial diver from Comox Valley came across the object last month in the waters off Haida Gwaii, and reported it to Canadian Armed Forces.

“I saw a really large circular object that was flat on the top that had a hole cut out of it, and I thought that's pretty strange,” diver Sean Smyrichinsky told CTV News.

Two weeks after he reported it, a friend told Smyrichinsky about an American bomber that had crashed in 1950 during a secret exercise off B.C.’s coast.

That had some thinking the object was actually an unexploded Mark 4 nuclear bomb.

But Menzies confirmed Wednesday it’s not the lost ordinance it was believed to be.

He said more information would eventually be released on the mystery object.