The world’s tallest gnome in Nanoose Bay was taken apart piece by piece Thursday to head to his new home in Saanich.

"Howard" was removed using a crane and typically comes apart in four pieces, but some minor surgery had to be done.

“We had to remove one arm,” said new owner Rob Galey of Galey Farms in Saanich. “He was not going down the highway. He’s way too wide."

Howard has been a fixture along the Island Highway in Nanoose Bay since 1998. He was originally built to attract people to a family amusement park that once operated in the same location.

Twenty-one years later, he’s been neglected and is in need of repair. The gas station that owns him deemed him a safety risk and were going to destroy the massive statue.

The family that created Howard weren’t going to let that happen and launched a campaign to find him a new home, eventually settling on Galey Farms. Still, the family said they're having mixed feelings about his new lease on life.

“He’s going to be well taken care of but it’s sad to see him go,” says Bridget Matewish. “We drive past him everyday and it’s going to be really weird not having him here.”

Galey Farms has big things planned for Howard.

“If we have our way, he’s waving, his eyelashes are blinking and he’s moving,” says Galey. “I’m really excited to bring him to Saanich.”

Howard the gnome will be going into hiding and won’t be viewable to the public until he is fully renovated and functional.

Galey Farm’s goal is to have him up and running by the beginning of October, Just in time for their month-long pumpkin fest.