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Saanich Parks


Saanich - You deserve

On average Canadians spend about 11 hours a day looking at screens and only 20 minutes a day outside. Want to rebalance those numbers?

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Saanich - nature inspire

Many great ideas have been formed in nature, Isn’t it time you let nature inspire you?

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Saanich - be active

Whether you are l iving, working or just visiting Saanich; you deserve the opportunity to be in nature. A wide variety of parks and trails are available to you.

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Saanich - gift of time

Spending time in nature allows you to give attention to yourself. It can help you clear your thoughts and reduce anxiety.

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Are you Naturally Intelligent? We want to work with you on improving your knowledge of nature, parks and how to improve our environment.


Every Saanich resident is actively enhancing our natural world by 2025. We are all at different places in our learning curve when it comes to what we know about our natural world and how we interact with it. By building our Natural Intelligence, we will be more able to understand the changing natural world around us. When we interact with nature in a positive way, we can adapt our own actions to be more in tune with the natural world. Our actions as individuals and as a community will help determine our future.

Are you curious? Come and join us on our journey to learn, love and live with nature.