The Victoria Humane Society is bursting at the seams after more than 50 animals were surrendered last week.

The shelter now has 121 cats and dogs up for adoption, and volunteers have been working overtime to get the animals ready.

Bella is one of the dogs recently surrendered. The young mother came in with a litter of six puppies after suffering prolonged abuse, according to the society.

But Bella likely won't have to wait long to find a forever family. The sweet-tempered dog will be ready for adoption as soon as her puppies are, which should be within a few months, according to executive director Penny Stone.

“It’s been a crazy week,” Stone said. “All of a sudden everyone knows who we are and we’re getting tons of surrenders. We work with a lot of remote communities and this time of year is when they start doing cullings. There are lots of pregnant cats, pregnant dogs, puppies, kittens. So they give us a call and we go and get them.”

Stone says her main goal is to get a proper facility for the organization that can house the growing number of surrenders.

“Certainly we can use donations. What we need most is someone who'd be willing to help us get a facility,” said Stone.

“We took in 51 [animals] last week, but we actually turned away over 20 animals because there was absolutely nowhere to put them. We found a couple of properties that are really nice. If we could find someone who'd be willing to sign on our mortgage, we'd be really thrilled.”

Most of the dogs have to go to foster homes and Stone uses her own home as a space for dogs in transition.

Stone says a potential new location in Highlands would be ideal because it includes multiple stalls and a smaller building that would be perfect for housing surrendered cats.

Cats are currently sent out to satellite adoption centres once they are ready for adoption, and all dogs and puppies are posted online with full profiles on the behaviours and health details of each animal.

The humane society is the last stop for many animals.

“If we are unable to take them, usually that means a death sentence,” Stone said. “I’m not trying to be dramatic but if we can’t get them out of the communities and there’s no one to take them, then they die.”

Anyone interested in supporting the humane society can donate online.