COMOX -- Drive-by birthday celebrations may be becoming more commonplace during the current pandemic lockdown, but there was nothing common about the celebration for a young boy in Comox on Tuesday.

More that 100 vehicles were involved in a surprise parade held for eight-year-old Chase Petersen, who is currently undergoing cancer treatments.

Ambulances, police cruisers, fire trucks and assorted private vehicles made their way past the youngster and his family. Many of the participants were dressed as superheroes.

"Chase loves superheroes. Chase loves his friends, but it's been so long since he's seen them," said his father, Scott Petersen.

"I think that was astounding for him and I think this will be a memory that will last a long time."

The surprise was organized by a friend of the Petersen family, Andrea Martin.

"They've been through a lot and we just really want to show them that we care for them and the community is behind them. It's hard enough to be sick with Leukemia at any time, much less during the COVID-19," Martin said.

A Cormorant helicopter and a Buffalo fixed-wing search and rescue aircraft also circled over the parade area for a few moments since they were practicing at the nearby air base.

"It's been overwhelming – and in moments like this is when you find out just how much support and love you have in the community, and it's phenomenal," said Petersen.