NANAIMO -- If you have ever wanted to practice your skateboard tricks on a halfpipe while taking in an art exhibit, now’s your chance.

The Nanaimo Art Gallery has installed a fully functional halfpipe inside its facility as part of its new art exhibit, Boarder X.

Boarder X is a touring art exhibit from the Winnipeg Art Gallery and is the largest show the Nanaimo Art Gallery has ever hosted.

It showcases 11 Indigenous artists from across the country who surf, snowboard or skateboard.

“The exhibition reveals how these practices are vehicles to challenge conformity and status quo, as well as demonstrate knowledge and performed relationships with the land,” according to the Nanaimo Art Gallery.

The gallery says Jaimie Isaac, who is the curator of Boarder X and is from Winnipeg, has mentioned that all of these sports require a level of perseverance and humility.

“If you surf, you’re going to swallow a lot of water before you stand up on your first wave,” said Jesse Birch, curator for the Nanaimo Art Gallery. “These artists have showcased the same perseverance through the artwork and their communities.”

The exhibit is an interactive experience which includes videos, two-dimensional paintings and a halfpipe which people are encouraged to come skate on and learn about through art.

“People who have a background in skateboarding but maybe haven’t had a lot of experience with contemporary art come skate and see the show,” said Birch.

“Also, our regular patrons can engage in the skateboarding culture,” he said.

Information about booking a time to use the halfpipe, which is located in the art gallery’s Art Lab, can be found on the gallery’s website here

A maximum 12 people are allowed in the gallery at a time, while only up to eight people can be in the Art Lab to use the halfpipe at once.

The Boarder X exhibit runs until Nov. 15 at the Nanaimo Art Gallery.