VICTORIA -- Some highway routes on Vancouver Island now require winter tires for commuters, effective Oct. 1.

The annual requirement is in effect for highways across B.C., including the Malahat, many provincial highways that lead to eastern communities of the island and along Highway 19 north of Campbell River.

A winter tire is defined as any tire that has either an M+S or mountain and snowflake symbol on it, with a minimum tire tread depth of 3.5 millimetres.

Despite the warm weather currently being seen on the island, the winter tire requirement is in effect from Oct. 1 to March 31.

Drivers that do not have proper winter tires on their vehicle could face a fine of $109 if spotted.

Any route the requires winter tires in B.C. will be marked with road signs, according to the provincial government.

Further details on where winter tires are required can be found online here on Vancouver Island and across B.C. can be found here