Could Victoria be in for Booky McBookface?

The city has launched a campaign inviting the public to name the newest library branch in James Bay.

The Name That Library contest is accepting submissions from residents of all ages, or they can throw their support behind the geographical name "James Bay Branch."

The city says name suggestions could be based on a local or historical figure, landmark or idea inspired by the James Bay neighbourhood.

It's also asking those who submit to provide a short explanation of why they're choosing the name.

Similar campaigns have gone sideways in other countries, most notably in Britain last year.

Residents there were asked to submit a name for a new polar research vessel in an online poll, and the Internet went wild – choosing the name "Boaty McBoatface."

The joke name received three times the votes as the next closest suggestion, but officials, hoping to find a more inspirational name, settled on naming the ship the RRS Sir David Attenborough after the well-known broadcaster.

Closer to home, a recent contest to name two new garbage trucks in the city of Nanaimo saw no shortage of creative entries.

The city honoured the campaign by sticking to the two most voted on names, Trash-O-Saurus Rex and Mommy, chosen by two young residents aged 2 and 4.

Those interested in pitching a name for the new library can fill out a survey on the City of Victoria's website or email the name and rational for choosing it to by midnight, Nov. 19.

Officials are careful to point out that the campaign isn't a binding vote and council will review the names before announcing the official selection in December.

The new branch in James Bay will be the second library in Victoria and the 12th in the Greater Victoria Public Library system.