A Victoria church showed solidarity with the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris days after the landmark was severely damaged in a fire.

The Guild of Christ Church Cathedral tolled its bell for seven straight minutes Thursday.

The tower captain rang the 3,200-pound bell at exactly 11 a.m., the same time bells were rung in England.

"I'll be tolling the bell which really means just ringing it very slowly," said tower captain David Oliver. "The bell has a wheel and a pulley and there's physics involved so that a regular-sized person can ring it."

Normally the bells are not rung during Holy Week, but the church made an exception to show support for Notre Dame.

The Victoria cathedral has rung it bells every Sunday since 1936, with exceptions made only during war time.

Notre Dame's iconic spire and main roof were destroyed in Monday's blaze, which was likely caused by an electrical short-circuit, French police officials said Thursday.

Notre Dame will remain closed to the public for years as repairs get underway.