Most people dispose of garbage within the confines of the law, but every now and then someone decides they’re above that.

On Wednesday, the Mount Douglas Park Society found chairs and sofa cushions tossed among the trees at Mount Douglas Park.

“[It] looked like an entire living room suite,” said Darrell Wick, who works with the society.

Wick says it's not just garbage that is being dumped in the park, people are also ripping off plants, including mushrooms and ferns.

“[We had] done a restoration ... and we came back and we saw a whole bunch of holes where they had taken out the plants we had just planted,” said Wick.

Saanich parks staff, which had to haul the furniture away, says it’s increasingly dealing with dumped debris in its parks.

“Increasing in frequency, definitely weekly, sometimes daily it depends on time of year,” said Andrew Burger with Saanich Parks and Recreation.

The parks group says it sees spikes in garbage at the end of the college school year or when apartment leases expire and it all comes at a cost. 

“Our budgets and the amount we spend of tax payer dollars is climbing, climbing, climbing,” said Burger.