VICTORIA -- British Columbians who own or are looking to purchase an electric vehicle will now have access to more than $4 million worth of rebates for vehicle chargers, according to an announcement made Thursday.

The rebates are intended to support residents with upfront costs of purchasing an electric vehicle (EV) by offering up to $350 for a single-family home Level 2 charging station.

The rebate amount increases with larger charging stations, with a $2,000 rebate available for the installation of a Level 2 charging station designed for multiple users in buildings like condominiums, apartments, or workplaces. 

A Level 2 charging station is the most common way to recharge an EV in Canada and is described as a plug-in charger that uses roughly the same amount of voltage as a clothes dryer or stove, but at a faster rate than the basic Level 1 chargers that come with each EV.

Besides the rebates, the province is also offering up to five hours of free support from an EV charging station advisor for condo buildings, apartments, or workplaces that are looking to improve their EV charging capabilities.

"British Columbians are increasingly shifting to electric vehicles and our government is supporting this transition by making home chargers more affordable and accessible,” said George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, in Thursday's announcement.

According to the province, EV drivers save roughly $1,800 on fuel costs every year.

To qualify for a rebate, charging stations must be installed and final documents submitted to the province by March 31, 2020.