A special Easter dinner is being served up to those in need at Our Place Society in Victoria Wednesday.

Those living on the street or those who are in need of some help were treated to a festive meal of ham, scalloped potatoes and veggies with chocolate pudding for dessert in a brightly decorated dining area.

The special meal was served by local members of the municipal and provincial governments, Victoria police and regular Wednesday volunteers. 

"For the people we serve, a lot of times they are disconnected from their family," said Our Place spokesperson Grant McKenzie. 

"The staff, the volunteers, their peers become their family. So this is our way of doing a big family meal for a lot of people that don't have family but also for those who consider Our Place family."

For Donny McLeod, an Our Place community member, it means a lot to have the effort made. "I feel like I'm wanted, needed for something. It keeps me off the street and out of trouble."

McKenzie told CTV News that aside from treating the city's more vulnerable people to a meal, Our Place staff are hoping to build connections.

"So that we can talk to them, build that trust, find out what they need, if they're needing help accessing government services, if they need help with healthcare, if they need help trying to get into housing," he said.

"So this allows them to come in and connect with staff, to see all the programs and services Our Place offers and I think it really means a lot when they see the community rallying together and saying, 'You're not forgotten.'"

Our Place was expecting to serve about 1,000 meals Wednesday, which means that 300 pounds of ham, 500 pounds of potatoes and a few hundred pounds of veggies were prepared.

Rogers Chocolates also donated 700 raspberry cream chocolates .