VICTORIA -- A Vancouver Island couple is looking to sell what fans of the 1994 film Dumb and Dumber might consider the heart-shaped holy grail of movie memorabilia.

It's the hot tub that characters Lloyd Christmas (played by Jim Carrey) and Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) shared while having a heart-to-heart talk about breakups and "John Deere letters" at the Second Honeymoon Motel.

Tub owners Frank and Sheila Ryan live just outside of Victoria, where they're hoping to find a local buyer for the one-time movie prop.

"I'd like it to stay in the neighbourhood so I can go and see it," Sheila says. "I've had it 20 years so it's like one of my children."

The couple, who've been married 48 years, initially bought the bright-red Jacuzzi for one of the bed-and-breakfast guesthouses they operated in Vancouver in the mid-1990s after moving to B.C. from Ireland.

"I loved it because of the look of it," Sheila said. "I thought it would be the perfect thing for a honeymoon suite. What couple wouldn't want to get in this?"

Shelia says they saw the tub in a Vancouver plumbing shop that catered to the film industry and "had to have it."

"We said, 'What is this?' And they said, 'That's the tub from the movie Dumb and Dumber,' Sheila says. "All excited, paid my money, brought it home. When I came home, my teenage children said, 'No, you can't put that in a heritage house.'"

Several moves around the province later – with the hot tub always in tow – the couple settled down on a property overlooking Vancouver Island's Finlayson Arm.

"It's been sitting in that container now over 20 years," Frank says of the famed tub. "Each time it’s never been just right for the house."

The large tub requires at least 10 feet by 14 feet of space "to display it and let it breathe," Sheila estimates.

Frank says the couple aren't interested in collecting movie memorabilia – "I collected stamps when I was a kid, that's as far as I got" – so they're ready to let this treasure go.

The couple are asking $7,500 for the tub, plus shipping costs. "Whoever gets it, I hope they take care of it," Sheila says.