A BC SPCA thrift store was broken into early Sunday morning, leaving the store owners devastated, saying their cash donation bin was stolen.

Erika Paul, an animal cruelty officer in Victoria, and her husband David were woken up at 1:30 a.m. by a phone call saying the alarms at the store were going off.

When they arrived at the BC SPCA Thrift Store on Admirals Road they found their glass front door shattered. The only thing taken was their donation bin, which had just $50 inside.

“I am quite shocked that we were the ones targeted,” said Paul.

The funds from the donation bin go directly to the BC SPCA investigations department to help animals and also support the officers.

“Since we opened in July 2018, our donation bin has raised about $1,400,” she said.

Nothing else was taken, even though the culprit would have walked by numerous valuables including jewelry and stereo systems.

“It was quick cash they were targeting," Paul said. "There is all kind of things they could have turned around and took … it kind of indicates someone pretty desperate.”

The door will cost about $500 to replace and Paul said they would like the custom donation bin returned.

“It is disappointing, discouraging and heartbreaking,” she said.

Paul added the donation bin was custom made in the shape of a dog house. She tried to look around the building for it, but only found a trail of change left by the fleeing suspect.