The City of Colwood has scheduled a censure hearing at the beginning of March to discuss the actions of longtime councillor Cynthia Day. 

The hearing comes after Day was arrested near her Charnley Place home on Dec. 5, 2018 for preventing city employees from conducting work on public land.

The 57-year-old councillor had received a permit to build a retaining wall and plant trees on the public land behind her home, and protested the removal of both, after the permit expired.

When workers arrived at Day’s home, she refused to leave the work site, yelling at city employees.

“Our code of ethics clearly outlines that nobody should be interfering with public work staff or any City staff,” Colwood's Mayor Rob Martin said.

The censure was scheduled in an effort to move past the incident, and is defined as a formal council hearing that reprimands members for violations of law or city policy.

It does not carry a fine or dismissal, but can result in limitation of the council member’s appointments to committees and other opportunities to represent the municipality. 

“We are committed to going into this process with an open mind and moving forward as a united council with a clear understanding of the line between what is and is not acceptable behavior for council members,” Martin said in a statement.

The hearing will be open to the public and will allow both sides to present their arguments before coming to a conclusion.