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When we look back on 2020, it’s fair to say we’ll all agree this has been one of the strangest years we’ve ever seen.

Considering everything that’s gone on this year, cancelled travel plans may not seem like a big deal. That said, while strict travel rules and restrictions remain in effect, there are still many reasons Canadians need to travel. Whether it’s crossing the Prairies to be with family, flying to the Maritimes for work, or even just heading north to spend time at the cabin and escape the city for a while, there are many reasons for British Columbians to be on the move.

To help navigate travel during these strange times, BCAA Travel Insurance wants to help bust three travel insurance myths and help you travel safely when the time is right.

Myth 1: Travel insurance isn’t available right now

Considering the impact COVID-19 has had on the world, it’s easy to understand why people would think travel insurance isn’t available right now - but it is. Travel insurance can still provide coverage for things unrelated to COVID-19, including medical emergencies, trip cancellation, trip interruption, airline delays, and baggage loss, damage, or delay. If anything happens while you’re away or you need to cancel your trip, as long as it isn’t related to COVID-19, your expenses could be covered.

Myth 2: I don’t need travel insurance for trips within Canada

Even for trips within Canada, travel insurance is a smart purchase. While there are interprovincial agreements to provide healthcare and cover many medical costs for travelling Canadians, those agreements don’t cover all the costs associated with medical emergencies outside of BC and BC’s Medical Services Plan (MSP) will only cover the cost of services if they had been performed in BC.

For example, every procedure, test, and examination has an assigned rate in each province, and rates can vary significantly across the country. If the rate for an exam in your home province has a lower rate than in the province you’re visiting, you might have to cover the difference - that is, if you don’t have travel insurance.

Plans like BCAA’s Annual Multi-trip offer affordable coverage for unlimited trips - of any length - within Canada, ensuring you have year-round insurance from coast to coast.

Myth 3: Travel insurance isn’t worth it

Not only does travel insurance provide peace of mind, it helps make sure you don’t get stuck paying out of pocket for any unexpected emergencies while you’re travelling. Plus, if you find yourself at your destination and need to get home unexpectedly for a reason that’s covered in the policy, travel insurance can help cover the cost to get you home earlier than planned.

For even more value, BCAA members save 10% with BCAA Travel Insurance, and can save up to another 10% with additional loyalty discounts. And to top it off, children are covered for free on family plans.

Fact: If you need to travel, you can take steps to travel safely

The last scenario you want to plan for while travelling are medical emergencies unrelated to the pandemic. And best case scenario, you’ll never have to experience one - which is exactly why the best travel insurance should be on every single packing list.

BCAA is British Columbia’s #1 travel insurance provider, and provides worldwide medical assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you call at the time of your emergency, they’ll even help guide you through the claims process, and may be able to arrange virtual care, home visits, always giving you the freedom to choose your medical provider.

We don’t know when travel will return to normal, but until then - and for the trips you need to make until then - BCAA Travel Insurance is there to help you travel safely.