Rainy and gloomy weather didn’t dampen the turnout of voters at the polls on Vancouver Island Monday.

Young people make up the biggest block of voters for the first time ever in a federal election and some of them are voting for the very first time.

Esquimalt resident Duncan Taylor said he was eagerly waiting to vote for the first time today.

“It was good, it feels like I can actually put my opinion out there and get my say,” said Taylor.

If people that are Taylor’s age — born between the mid 1990s and early 2000s, also considered Generation Z — continue to show up they have the power to determine who is in power and also what kind of government will be voted in.

Staff at polling stations tell CTV News Vancouver Island that the attendance had been steady all day and nothing was too busy, thanks to advance voting.

“A lot of my friends and I, that is what we’ve been talking [about] a lot is, who is doing what and why we should vote,” said Taylor.

Instagram launched a series of ‘IVoted’ stickers to encourage Canadians to get out and vote. Taylor said the new feature on Instagram helps encourage a conversation around voting.

“I think it helps people see if my friends are voting I should go vote as well,” he said. “Everyone should vote.

Election Canada said if trends continue, the overall number of voters could exceed 17.5 million.