For the first time in history, the Canadian Forces Snowbirds have a husband-and-wife team flying with them.

The couple are both fulfilling their ambitions of being Snowbirds pilots, something they first dreamed about as children.

"For me, it was when I was eight in my first school in my hometown and I think Sarah is pretty much the same," says Capt. Kevin Domon-Grenier, who flies in the team's second-line astern position in Snowbird Five.

While there have been other husbands and wives on the team before, those have been in the pilot and technician roles, never before both as pilots at the same time.

"When we get home we know what kind of day we had so we don't really talk about 'how was your day.' But we do it in a joking manner," says Capt. Sarah Dallaire, piloting Snowbird Two in the inner-right wing position.

The pair met just over 11 years ago when chance brought them into the same recruiting centre to sign up. Domon-Grenier was initially in the infantry but then switched to the Air Force and became a pilot.

The two have worked together previously.

"We were working three feet away from each other and that was a big adjustment. But I think once you go through that, we grew as a couple" says Dallaire.

"It's already amazing to share a military career with your spouse but once you hit the dream that you wanted to do, being a Snowbird pilot, then that's even better," Domon-Grenier adds.