VICTORIA -- An off-duty Victoria police officer is being credited with spotting a man with a history of convictions for sexual offences at a local beach, which went against some of his court-ordered release conditions.

Police say the man – whose convictions include sexual offences against children – was recognized by an off-duty officer at Gonzales Beach on Friday afternoon.

Victoria police say the off-duty officer knew that the man had court-ordered conditions that banned him from going to public beaches, and from being in close proximity to children.

The off-duty officer then called on-duty coworkers who arrived and also confirmed the man was in the area, according to police.

The on-duty officers then moved to arrest the man, who initially resisted arrest, according to VicPD. After a short struggle, the man was taken into custody. No injuries occurred during the arrest, say police.

The man is now facing two recommended charges of breaching court-ordered conditions.

Police say an investigation into the incident is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call Victoria police at 250-995-7654 or contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477.