VICTORIA -- Langford firefighters were called to help a man and his dog who were stuck on a ledge in Goldstream Park on Saturday afternoon.

Langford Fire Chief Chris Aubrey said crews were notified just after 3 p.m. by BC Ambulance that an individual was hiking with their dog and needed to be rescued.

“They were about a kilometre south of the train trestle tracks,” said Aubrey.

The technical rescue team, made up of 10 firefighters, was deployed and started searching for the man.

“It took a little bit, even with cell phones, to pinpoint exactly where they were because they weren’t on a commonly used trail,” said Aubrey.

After an hour of searching, the team found the individual and loaded him on an all-terrain vehicle.

“Fortunately, there are no injuries,” he said. “The individual is a little overheated as it is a little warm out there, so we made sure we got some fluid into him and his dog.”

Firefighters used their rope equipment to help the man off the ledge.