VICTORIA -- One man has been charged with second-degree murder and attempted murder after the shooting death of a Langford mother Friday.

Anthony Singh Dheensaw, 35, is charged with killing Angela Dalman, 40, outside a home on Arncote Avenue around 9:30 p.m. He is also charged with the attempted murder of Derrick Oke, 41, during the same incident. However, Mounties say Dalman was the only person shot during the altercation.

Neighbours say multiple West Shore RCMP vehicles swarmed the Langford neighbourhood shortly after gunshots and screams were heard outside a residential gathering Friday night.

“At first I thought someone had been injured in an explosion, but the woman next door said it was someone with a shotgun,” neighbour Dale Albury told CTV News.

The Vancouver Island Emergency Response Team was mobilized and a search for the perpetrator began.

Dheensaw was arrested the following day by a Saanich police canine unit. Traffic was stopped on McKenzie Avenue near Glanford Avenue around 9:30 a.m. Saturday while police surrounded a vehicle with one man inside.

Mounties say the shooting was an isolated incident.

Friends remembered Dalman as a funny and friendly woman who had many friends in the community.