VICTORIA -- A 38-year-old man who was charged in the disturbing death of a dog in Victoria last month is now facing an additional charge of breaking and entering.

Brandon Norman Bartlett, 38, was charged with killing or injuring an animal after he was arrested in the 1300-block of Hillside Avenue on Jan. 20.

Witnesses told CTV News Vancouver Island that Bartlett stepped on and killed the dog in front of a residential complex at the corner of Higgins Street.

Bartlett was arrested after officers with the emergency response team deployed non-lethal rounds following a standoff in the building.

Bartlett was initially scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 29. That date was amended and Bartlett is now scheduled to appear on Feb. 20 to answer to one charge of killing or injuring an animal as well as one additional charge of breaking and entering a dwelling with intent to commit an offence.

Police say the dog was stolen from a nearby residence earlier that day. The dog's owners were not home at the time of the alleged theft, according to police.

Bartlett remains in police custody.