METCHOSIN - A popular Vancouver Island soap company is launching a Lucky Lager beer-scented soap just in time for the holidays.

The soap, simply called Lucky Lager Beer Soap, combines the smell of beer with essential oils to create a highly moisturizing soap with a thick lather, according to Vancouver Island Soap Works founder Debbie Cooper.

"This is not a fad soap but a soap that we designed to replace commercial soap," Cooper told CTV News. "Our soap is one of the mildest you can use and is a high-moisturizing soap that makes a nice lather."

The soap is made by combining beer with the company's traditional soap recipes to create a hoppy scent that eventually transitions to a more conventional soap smell.

"Well, I'm an island girl, born and raised, and I've had my soap company for a few years now and we've made Guinness beer soap," said Cooper. "We replace the water in the soap when we manufacture and process it."

Using the same process, Cooper and her team have added Lucky Lager to a red-hued bar that is designed to resemble a brick. Cooper said the brick aesthetic was inspired by the hard working type of person that tends to enjoy a Lucky Lager.

"We thought about it and went, 'Yeah, let's make some Lucky Beer soap and let's see what people say about it,'" said Cooper. "And it's been a big hit!"

"It's the perfect Christmas gift for the Lucky beer drinker as a stocking stuffer," Cooper said.

Lucky Lager Beer Soap can be found at any Red Barn Market on the island for $6.99 per bar. They will also be available at Thrifty Foods in the coming weeks, said Cooper.

For more information on the soap, visit the Vancouver Island Soap Works website here.