A hiker lost in Thetis Lake Regional Park was finally found over the weekend, hours after confounding search efforts by ignoring the instructions of a 911 dispatcher, according to police.

The hiker phoned the emergency line at approximately 10 p.m. Saturday, telling rescuers they had lost their way in the park after sunset.

The West Shore RCMP say the 911 dispatcher told the hiker to stay put as help was being sent to their location. However, police say the hiker ignored that direction and kept wandering in the park.

The Mounties and Metchosin Search and Rescue attended the park and police used phone-tracing technology to try to pinpoint the hiker's location. The task was long and difficult because the hiker continued to move throughout the park, police said Tuesday.

The lost hiker was finally located at 3 a.m. Sunday.

The West Shore RCMP are reminding anyone who calls 911 to obey the instructions of the dispatcher

"Significant efforts were put into locating this lost hiker and the process would undoubtedly been easier had the hiker stayed put," said RCMP Const. Nancy Saggar.